About Our Dance School in Cranbrook, Golden, and Creston  BC

Stages School of Dance is operated by Sheri Green in the Kootenays. Our primary objective is working hard to develop your child’s full dance potential while ensuring their education is a positive one and encouraging a love and appreciation of dance in the process. When you’re thinking about our dance school in Cranbrook, Golden, and Creston BC, consider the quality of our educators. All of them maintain a high standard of education, enthusiasm, love of children, and a passion for dance, thereby offering students qualified and caring instruction in:

  • Ballet
  • Point
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Musical Theater
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Combo Classes
  • Hip-Hop
  • Stretch & Strengthening
  • Modern

Dance education encompasses far more than the technique and steps your children learn. The discipline that dance training affords young people is a better understanding of commitment, self-discipline, respect, co-operation, and collaboration. They have the chance to learn, experience teamwork, and understand what hard work can accomplish. Our goal is to educate the minds and bodies of our students, teaching them the lifelong skills needed for a successful future.

About Our Program

The dance season runs from Sept-June with, the season being highlighted with our year-end Dance Recital. All dancers are afforded the opportunity to showcase their hard work and effort throughout the year in a professional setting at Key City Theatre. Dancers wishing to participate in competitions, both in Cranbrook as well within Canada and the US, must register to participate in our company class.

Stages School of Dance has 2 large, fully equipped studios with a dance store on location. It is currently the only facility of its kind in the East Kootenay. Dancers have the option of taking classes once a week or multiple classes per week depending on their age, level, and ability. We offer an exam program for dancers interested in ballet, tap, and/or jazz. The ballet program is based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (RAD) while the jazz and tap program is based on the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabi.

Each of us working to the best of our ability,
for it to be a year of growth,
and great personal achievement,
for all of the students at Stages.

Come and Join our Dance Family.

About Us

"Dancing allows us to explore ourselves in so many ways, to learn about our limitations and strengths, our ability to cope with adversity and to go farther than we thought we could. When you’re a Dancer……..You find out what you're made of."

– Barb Jackman


– Barb Jackman

Our Mission

Stages School of Dance's goal is to embrace and encourage all levels of students, from the recreational to the serious professional. We are eager to start our new season and confident that it will be a rewarding experience for all of our dancers.

Training with us and following the well-established syllabi outlined above affords a secure dance education in all disciplines for the exam and non-exam student alike. Come and join our dance family.

Programs and Styles for Every Dancer

Daytime classes are available to preschoolers. After school programs are available for students 5 years to adult in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip-hop, modern, and creative dance. Also, a combo class (ballet/tap) is available for the younger dancer, aged 3-5 years. The curriculum delivers teachings from a variety of schools and training methods but is mainly based on those of RAD and ADAPT, with the option of examinations upon the instructor's recommendation.